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BMW E36 and E30 steering wheel height adjustment kit.

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This is great for drivers who need to move the steering wheel down after adding steering wheel extensions or putting in a bucket seat. My recommendation is to set the distance of the steering wheel and then add this kit.

The spacers are added between the steering column and where the steering column mounts to the vehicle just under the cluster.

This kit features 10.9 grade metric bolts to replace the factory bolts on the steering column. This is actually a pain in the ass because the factory bolts are security bolts so they need to either drilled out or removed in another way. You just add the supplied washer to the bolt and run it through the factor plastic washer that secures the column. You add the included washer on top and then thread the longer supplied bolt into the factory threads. After this is complete you need to check the clearance of the steering arm going into the rack.